Employment in Poland with a guarantee of pay

We will spend "for a hand" from acquaintance before receiving the first salary.

What exactly will your work be?

We cooperate with global logistics companies that are located throughout Poland, there are many campaigns, but the type of vacancy is always the same – this is work in a warehouse. The essence of the work is to complete the product.

There is work for both men and women. Qualification is not required, you will be trained and introduced
in position, it will take no more than 16 hours.

from 14,70 zl/h
14,70 zl / hour is without deduction of taxes (gross). The first month is an average salary of 2,000 - 2,500 zlotys per person, but after a month or two you can reach an income of 3,000,
3,500 and even 4,000.
5-6 days
1-2 weekend per week, it depends on the place of work. Sometimes there are processing, but they are also paid.
Moderate labor
8-12 hours
To force weights
no one will be you but it
and not relaxing on the beach
will be many

Where will you live?

Examples of housing, see the photo on the left. The maximum rental fee is PLN 255 per month. If you are not satisfied with the option that you pick up, then you can just rent any other.

Select a city and find out the details of the vacancy.

Now available 50 jobs for the position of "warehouse worker"

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Updated (1/20/2019)

Stages of employment

Filling in the form

You fill out a form where you tell about yourself, this is necessary, so that we would consult you and then prepare the documents.



  • Insurance
  • Legal consultation
  • Transfer
  • Visa support
  • Job offer

Relocation and support

You come to Poland to the city of Sochaczew, where our office is located, and already from there, at our expense you are going to your place of residence and work.


Get Started Now

From the moment of contacting to going to work, it takes an average of 1 to 2 months

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What kind of candidates are we looking for?

We help to get jobs for those who have real reasons to work hard, for example so that:

  • Buy a car
  • Buy apartments
  • Make repairs
  • Repay a loan
  • Go on holiday

How not to fool yourself?

Probably you already know that the job market is full of fraudsters. Here are the 3 most popular scenarios in which you can please if everything is not properly checked
People get the wrong job, or are working more than what is written in the contract
Upon arrival in Poland it turns out that the vacancy is canceled or the employer did not exist
Have to live in terrible conditions, take away a passport and return after the end of the visa

Download the manual

This will help avoid negative scenarios.